Responding to the theme LIGHT Initial experiments were an attempt to record observations with photography and video. I was interested in the quiet everyday moments where light falls and flickers, sways or dapples a surface. These are images that we take for granted and yet they are deeply stirring and arresting. I was also drawn to using macro lenses to observe light in water and other fluids and through glass and plastics. I found that trying out experimental ways of allowing light to infuse a moment and by extension, an image, I could achieve some interesting and unexpected results. I particularly liked the outcome of using different veils and meshes and the use of bokeh to create abstraction.

The imagery in the cyanoype prints references the imagery in the looped video piece, which is a succession of clips that are short contemplations about light. Some of the imagery is captured and some staged. Much of the imagery is abstracted and there is a geometric theme that runs across the parts of this installation. The film’s clips are equal in duration and numerologically reference the hexagonal tessellation that is made from folded paper. The inspiration for the geometric tessellation comes  from the sacred geometry concept of the Seed of Life. This six-pointed tessellation is echoed in the animation Earth Metal Kaleidoscope, which also has the same duration in length as each of the video clips.